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  1.   3D Point Finder

    3D Point Finder

    Non-Magnetized Stylus with Tungsten Carbide ball

    The best edge finder in the market today.

    The all new Pioneer edge finder has an improved light source for better visibility, with a 500 times more sensitive built-in electronic circuit over other
    conventional edge finders. This is the best 3-dimensional edge finder you can find in the market today.

    Magnet-free Stylus
    ●No measuring error due to magnetized stylus and work piece.
    ●Chips will not stick to the stylus ball.
    ●No need for demagnetizing and replacement of magnetized stylus.

    Tungsten carbide 6mmφsteel ball
    ●Tungsten carbide has nearly 70% less resistance
     than conventional steel ball, improving light visibility.

    +/- 0.001mm detecting accuracy
    +/- 0.0005 repeatability

    Ferrous or non-Ferrous material

    Other features

    ●Ample over-travel safety stroke ±13mm on X/Y and +5mm
     on Z axis. These safety strokes are twice as much as other
     conventional edge finders.
    ●LED emits light in 4 directions.
    ●Battery life is approx. one year, subject to the condition of use.
    ●Screw type stylus for easy replacement.

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  2.   Flash Setter

    Flash Setter

    The most accurate axis setter in the market today.
    The Pioneer Flash Setter is a fast, easy-to-use axis setter with extremely high accuracy. It can be used vertically or horizontally on vertical/horizontal
    machining centers and on lathes.
    Repeatable within ±0.001mm
    Pioneer Flash Setter permits setting of tool length or reference
    point of work piece to the max. tolerance of ±0.001mm.
    It surpasses other height setter’s performances.
    Sub-zero temperature treated
    Gage Block precision.
    The casing body of Pioneer Flash Setter is special alloy steel
    and manufactured as a gage block is. The casing body is
    sub-zero treated at minus(-)90℃ to insure the precision is
    not compromised through aging. It is ultra-precision ground
    to ±0.001mm for the height and 0.002mm for parallelism.
    No other height setter comes close.
    Advanced conductive detection system
    ●Instant LED light
    ●Unaffected by cutting oil.
    ●Works with ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
    ●Optional magnet cable enables Pioneer Flash Setter to work
     on plastics, wood and other non-ferrous materials.
    ●Approx. one year battery life, subject to the condition of use.

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